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Adventures with Otis

Bring Otis the Library Tortoise with you

on your summertime adventures!


Take photos sharing your family adventure with Flat Otis and fill out a page in her travel journal to receive a special Otis-themed prize!

First, Pick up a Flat Otis Cutout at the library or print one out yourself.

Printouts for Flat Otis and Otis's Adventure journal are available here.

Copies are also available for free at the Walworth-Seely Public Library front desk.

Next, Take pictures with Otis on your family's summer adventure. It could be a local park, a day trip, a family vacation, or even your own backyard!

Then, Fill out a page from Otis's Adventure Journal with details, drawings, and the pictures from your adventure!

Otis's Adventure Journal Page can be filled out physically or submitted digitally using the Google form at the link below.

We can also accept digital photo submissions for physical Journal Pages.

Lastly, Drop off your completed Journal Page at the library or submit a digital version through the Google form at the link below.

Remember to come to the library to pick up your special Otis-themed prize!

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