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Did you know that you can borrow wireless HotSpots from WSPL for one week at a time? Devices from both Verizon and T-Mobile are available. Please check the service coverage maps for each before you place your hold to see if the device is likely to work in your area. The HotSpots must remain in the U.S. and patrons will be billed for any international roaming charges that accrue.

Verizon Jetpack Mifi -

T-Mobile Franklin T-9 -

Click here to place a hold! 


Borrower Agreement and Use


Borrower of the HotSpot Kits must be eighteen (18) years of age with a library card in good standing. Parents/caregivers may check out a HotSpot Kit for their children with the understanding that they are ultimately responsible for the care and timely return of the device. 



  • The WSPL HotSpot will connect up to 10 devices. Excessive data use could result in connection slowing down.

  • International Roaming is not allowed.

  • Hotspots are not to be used for sending or receiving text messages. A fee is assessed for each text message and borrower account will be charged.

  • If any additional charges are incurred on the HotSpot during the borrower’s loan period, they will be added to the borrower’s library account.


A $5.00 deactivation fee will be added to the borrower's library account if the HotSpot is not returned by the due date. Service will be shut off if the device is late. If the device is not returned in 2 weeks it will be marked LOST and the full replacement fee will be assessed to the borrower’s library account. The deactivation fee for the HotSpots must be paid in person at the Walworth-Seely Public Library circulation desk.



Loan period is for one (1) week only.  The device and all contents are due back 7 days from the date of check out. Data will be turned off after the 7th day.



HotSpots may be renewed 1 time if there are no patron holds.  Renewals must be done online through the patron library account, in person OR by phone prior to the close of business the day the device is due. HotSpots will be turned off the day after it is due back to the library and a late fee will be applied.


Holds may be placed on HotSpots for 2 business days.  The device will be made available to the public for checkout after 2 days. Failure to pick up HotSpot on hold could result in a $1.00 “Failure to Pick Up Hold” Fee.



The total replacement fee for the HotSpot Kit is $114.00 for a T-Mobile Franklin T-9 and $226.00 for a Verizon Jetpack Mifi. Any replacement fees for lost or damaged items in the Hotspot Kit must be paid in person at the Walworth-Seely Public Library circulation desk.


  • One (1) Verizon Jetpack Mifi 7730L - $180.00

  • One (1) T-Mobile Franklin T-9 - $68.00

  • One (1) compatible black charging cord - $12.00

  • One (1) compatible black USB outlet plug - $10.00

  • One (1) Protective case for Jetpack and cord – $12.00

  • One (1) Walworth-Seely Public Library Bag with tag and barcode - $20.00



The device and kit contents must be returned to the Walworth-Seely Public Library Circulation Desk.  Do not return in book drop or to another library. Damage can occur to the device or contents from the book drop or in delivery. If the device is returned in the book drop or to another library, Hotspot borrowing privileges will be suspended and a fine of $5.00 (not including any charges for damages that may occur) will be assessed to borrowers’ library account.


WSPL HotSpot Use and Care Instructions



Compatible with all major operating systems. Works with the latest versions of browsers, including Android™, Chrome™, Firefox®, Internet Explorer®, Safari™ and Mobile Safari™

To use Wi-Fi mode, your computer needs Wi-Fi capability and Internet browser software.

Your device must have data service to function properly.



Like any electronic device, the Jetpack must be handled with care to ensure reliable operation. Novatel Wireless recommends the following guidelines:

  1. Protect the hotspot from liquids, dust, and excessive temperatures.

  2. Do not apply adhesive labels to the hotspot; they might cause the device to potentially overheat and they might alter the performance of the antenna.

  3. Store the hotspot in a safe place when not in use

  4. Do not leave the hotspot plugged in 24/7. Please remove the charger when the battery is full.



  1. Open the Wi-Fi application or controls on the computer or Wi-Fi capable device you want to connect to the hotspot.

  2. Select the Hotspot’s Wi-Fi name from the list of available networks.

  3. Enter the Wi-Fi password when prompted. Wi-Fi passwords are located in the bag on the placard specific to the Hotspot you have checked out.

  4. You are now connected! You will be able to connect up to 10 Wi-Fi capable devices.



The library makes every effort to charge the device before it is available to patrons. However, you may need to charge it before use.  Simply plug the device in with the provided cord and plug. 


QuickCharge™ - Use the QuickCharge power adapter and any USB connector to recharge

the battery up to 4X faster than with conventional charging. You can use the Jetpack when

the battery is installed and the charger is plugged into a wall socket. Please ensure the wall

socket is located near the equipment and is easily accessible. The Jetpack battery charges

while it is plugged into the charger. When the battery is fully charged, the battery icon is solid green.



You can also charge an external device using the Jetpack.

  1. Turn the Jetpack on.

  2. Open the Universal charging port cover located at the top of the device.

  3. Connect your device to a USB cable and plug the cable into the Universal charging port.


Please contact the library with any questions regarding the Hotspots.

We are happy to assist!

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