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Donation of Materials

Patrons can donate materials and receive a tax donation form at the library desk.  Please make sure your items are clean, dry and musty free. 


We will accept:


- Ex-Library Copies

- College Textbooks

- Antiquarian, Rare, and Collectible Books or No-ISBN books

- Dictionaries and Thesauruses

- Children's Books

- Hardcover Fiction and Non-fiction

- Monographs

- DVDs and Books on CD

- Paperbacks

- Travel Books

- Foreign Language Books

- Many, many others


Please recycle appropriately:

- Books in poor condition due to water-damage, mold or dirt, or missing covers or pages

- VHS tapes

- audio cassettes

- LP Records

- Encyclopedias

- Journals, Periodicals

- Tax and Government Documents


* Bring items to the library during open hours only.  Please do not leave donation items in front of the doors or outside the Town building as this is a safety hazard and fire code violation.

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